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The hiking refuge

The Inn of the Sorriso, 1096m

fraz. Trinità di Entracque - Gesso Valley / Municipality of Entracque
The inn is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Natural Park of the Maritime Alps, in a panoramic position at the entrance of the valley ...

The inn Borgata Chiesa, 1270m

Celle Macra, borg. Chiesa - Maira Valley / Municipality of Celle Macra
The township Chiesa di Celle Macra is a very evocative place and rich in both a natural and a historic meaning. Note the numerous points of ...

Refuge The Galaberna, 1280m

loc. Villa - Po Valley / Municipality of Ostana
The structure is located in one of the fractions of the town of Ostana, in sunny and panoramic position in the center of the beautiful circle ...

Refuge Savigliano , 1743m

fraz. Genzana - Varaita Valley / Municipality of Pontechianale
The refuge Savigliano is located in the splendid frame of the high Valley of Varaita, not far from the village of Pontechianale and the road ...

Refuge Rossi Becchi, 1901m

borgata Ferrere - Stura Valley / Municipality of Argentera
Ferrere is one of the most evocative places of the Stura valley and is situated in a beautiful and secluded valley pasture land, the starting ...

Refuge Palent, 1463m

Borgata Palent - Maira Valley / Municipality of Macra
The Refuge Alpine Palent is easily reached by car from Macra (CN), which is about 8 km from there.

Refuge Olmo Bianco, 1160m

borg. Bergemolo - Stura Valley / Municipality of Demonte
The refuge is located in the plain of Bergemolo, at the foot of Mount Bourel and on the trail of 15km which is part of the district of Festiona.

Refuge Melezé, 1812m

fraz. Sant’Anna, loc. Pian Melezé - Varaita Valley / Municipality of Bellino
The refuge is located at the bottom of the valley of Bellino, on a large plateau near the Sant'Anna, immersed in a splendid natural environment ...

Refuge Meira Garneri , 1850m

loc. Meire Garneri, vallone di S. Anna di Sampeyre - Varaita Valley / Municipality of Sampeyre
The Meira Garneri refuge ascends the Sant'Anna of Sampeyre valley to the edges of a woodland surrounded by cultivated hay meadows. It is an ...

Refuge La via del Sale , 500m

comune di Sanfront - Po Valley / Municipality of Sanfront
The structure is situated in the Commune of Sanfront, one of the most dynamic artisan center in the middle valley, in the territory of the Park ...