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The refuge are not managed

The Barricades Refuge, 1330m

fraz. Pontebernardo - Stura Valley / Municipality of Pietraporzio
Small structure run by the owners of the guesthouse The Barricades which is located in the village of Pontebernardo.

Refuge Valcaira, 2010m

loc. Costa Valcaira - Tanaro Valley / Municipality of Ormea
The refuge is located at the Costa Valcaira, on a grassy hill in a panoramic position on the eastern slopes of the Pizzo d'Ormea.

Refuge Talarico, 1750m

loc. prati del Vallone - Stura Valley / Municipality of Pietraporzio
Construction of masonry stones on one plan, leaning against the left side of the wide valley of the Prati del Vallone.

Refuge Stroppia, 2260m

loc. Vallonasso di Stroppia - Maira Valley / Municipality of Acceglio
Construction has been created in an old military barracks, located almost on the verge of a great rocky crag overlooking a very scenic view ...

Refuge Savona, 1600m

loc. Pian Bersi - Tanaro Valley / Municipality of Garessio
Prefabricated building on one floor, situated on a panoramic terrace overlooking the slopes of the mountains Mussiglione and Berlin.

Refuge Nicolò Rigoni, 1253m

Roccabruna, borg. Sant’Anna - Maira Valley / Municipality of Roccabruna
Structure of new accommodation set in a house in the pine forest that extends in front of the church of Sant'Anna di Roccabruna.

Refuge Lausa, 2404m

loc. passo della Lausa - Stura Valley / Municipality of Pietraporzio
The structure was created in an old barracks, built before the Second World War, and is situated on top of a valley overlooking the rocky peaks ...

Refuge La Scola, 1126m

fraz. Piatta Sottana - Grana Valley / Municipality of Montemale
The property, housed in the old school of Montemale, is located in the quiet hamlet of the Piatta Sottana.

Refuge La Ruà, 900m

borg. Bedale - Maira Valley / Municipality of Macra
Cozy hotel set in an ancient medieval house in the heart of the Maira Valley.

Refuge Ervedo Zanotti, 2200m

loc. alto vallone del Piz - Stura Valley / Municipality of Pietraporzio
The refuge is a large stone building, located in the high valley of Piz, on a rocky hill in a very beautiful, dominant position.