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Routes, tracks, crossings

Tour of the Monviso

Po valley / Varaita valley / Guil valley

The classic circular route around the Mount Monviso, suitable for hikers in good shape. The Italian people face it starting from the Pian del Re, in the valley of the Po . The French, however, enter the ring to the refuge of the Viso, reaching up the valley of the Guil
Orizzonte Monviso

Po valley

Orizzonte Monviso is a circular route rich in variety and of incomparable beauty that culminates at the horizon!
Tour of the Castellata

Varaita valley

The circuit described here has four stages that offer the opportunity to visit and discover the historical and artistic beauty of Bellino, Casteldelfino and Pontechianale and Chianale and at the same time to enjoy the beautiful views of the upper valley of Varaita, having as a stage points three mountain huts.
Valle Varaita Trekking

Varaita Valley

An itinerary that includes the whole Varaita Valley, divided in twelve stages, ascending on the south flank and descending on the opposite side.
The Occitan paths

The Maira valley

The Occitan trails are divided into fourteen stages from Villar San Costanzo rising to Chiappera, along the left side of the valley, down the other side up to Dronero.
Lou Viage

Stura valley

The main track allows you to go all around the two sides of the valley Stura, unifying and enhancing existing trails within an overall proposal
Tour of the Marguareis

Pesio valley / Corsaglia valley / Ellero valley / Tanaro valley

Around the Marguareis, there is a total length of 53 kilometres. The route is signposted and marked with a special plaque with the logo of the Giro and can be approached on foot from well-trained hikers and mountain bikers
Ormea's Balcony

Tanaro Valley

The Ormea's Balcony has a length of about 40 km along the left orographic side of the valley of the municipality of Ormea at an average altitude of 1,200 m. It is a suitable for everybody route, without significant difficulty
The Great Langa Trail

Belbo valley / Bormida valley / Uzzone valley

Nearly 60 km in length, this trail is an excellent route for walkers and, in particular, mountain bike enthusiasts.
Eco-museum of the Rocche del Roero


A series of nature walks to discover the characteristics of the environments, the traditions, the flora and fauna of the Roero.
Great Crossing of the Alps - GTA

All Cuneo valleys

The overall development of the trails of the GTA is of almost 500km. The main route goes through the high valleys of Tanaro, Ellero and Pesio in the Ligurian Alps, the valleys of Vermenagna, Gesso and Stura in the Maritime Alps and the valleys of Grana, Maira, Varaita and Po in the Southern Cozie Alps.
Alpina Route

All Cuneo valleys

The Red route goes, in seventeen steps, from the High Maira Valley to the Colle of the Nava, passing through the Stura valley, the Gesso valley, the Vermenagna valley and the Monregalesi valleys and the valleys of Tanaro. The Blue route crosses the valleys of Po, Varaita and Maira.