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Alpina Route

A route long as long as the Alps

The Red route goes in seventeen steps from Colle Maurin (high Maira valley) to Colle of Nava, through Chialvetta, Stura valley (stops in Pontebernardo, refuge Zanotti, Vinadio’s baths, Sant'Anna of Vinadio, refuge Malinvern), downstream Gesso (refuge named This, refuge Morelli-Buzzi, refuge Soria-Ellena), downstream Vermenagna (Limonetto), valleys of Monregalesi and Tanaro (refuge Garelli, refuge Mongioie, Ormea, Garessio, Caprauna). The route crosses the valleys Po, Varaita and Maira from Pian of the Regina in Chiappera, stopping at Pian of the Re, the refuge of Savigliano Pontechianale, Church of Bellino, in Elva, in Ussolo and to the Base Camp of Chiappera

  • Number stages: 21 + 8
  • Difficulty: ranging from stage to stage
  • Signposting: white-red notches
  • Suitable for families
  • Suitable for bikers
Description of the stages

The design of the Alpina route came to life in 2000, on the initiative of Great Crossing of the Alps, which in its turn, was born in 1971 in France to make tourism hiking in the Alps a tool for local development. The idea of the GTA (Great Crossing of the Alps) was then taken up in Piedmont in 1976 through the establishment of the Association Great Crossing of the Alps, which set up a path that goes from the valley of the Tanaro to the Valley of the Sesia. Alpina Route is the Latin name which the representatives of France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Liechtenstein and Monaco have chosen for this great path that is divided into 340 steps from Trieste to Monaco. The Alpina Route crosses the Alps with five paths, each characterized by a color. The Red route, which runs from Trieste to Monaco, is the basic route and consists of 161 steps that wind in the eight countries involved in the project of the Alpina Route. The Blue itinerary is divided into 61 stages that, from the Swiss Valleys, lead up to the French Maritime Alps. The Violet itinerary allows you to explore the Eastern Limestone Alps with its 66 stages between Slovenia, Austria and Germany. The Green itinerary is the shortest (14 stages) and runs between Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Finally, there is the yellow route, consisting of 40 stages that lead from the Adriatic coast to Bavaria. In Piedmont, the Alpina Route runs along the path of the GTA, marked with red and white markings from Monviso to the valley of the Tanaro. The stages of the Alpina Road in Cuneo are twenty-five, and it is very important to emphasize the fact that the Granda province is one of the few Italian areas where two routes of the Alpina Route intersect, the Red and Blue path.

Map to the itinerary
Stages of the itinerary
R134 Maljasset / Chiappera

Travel time: 4h 50'
Difference or level: 798 m

R135 Chiappera / Chialvetta

Travel time: 4h 35'
Difference or level: 768 m

R136 Chialvetta / Pontebernardo

Travel time: 6h 10'
Difference or level: 1.026 m

R137 Pontebernardo / Refuge Zanotti

Travel time: 8h 40'
Difference or level: 2.129 m

R138 Refuge Zanotti / Strepeis

Travel time: 5h 15’
Difference or level: 700 m

R139 Strepeis / Sant'Anna di Vinadio

Travel time: 3h 50'
Difference or level: 1.019 m

R140 Sant'Anna di Vinadio / Refuge Malinvern

Travel time: 4h 15'
Difference or level: 1.026 m

R141 Refuge Malinvern / Refuge Questa

Travel time: 3h 55'
Difference or level: 1.021 m

R142 Refuge Questa / Refuge Morelli - Buzzi

Travel time: 5h 10'
Difference or level: 906 m

R143 Refuge Morelli-Buzzi / Refuge Ellena-Soria

Travel time: 4h 20'
Difference or level: 843 m

R144 Refuge Ellena-Soria / Refuge de la Madone de Fenestre

Travel time: 3h 5'
Difference or level: 705 m

R145 Refuge de la Madone de Fenestre / Refuge de Nice

Travel time: 3h 15'
Difference or level: 738 m

R146 Refuge de Nice / Refuge de Valmasque

Travel time: 3h
Difference or level: 546 m

R147 Refuge de Valmasque / Castérino

Travel time: 1h 50'
Difference or level: 81 m

R148 Castérino / Limonetto

Travel time: 4h 55'
Difference or level: 907 m

R149 Limonetto / Refuge Garelli

Travel time: 7h 25'
Difference or level: 1.460 m

R150 Refuge Garelli / Refuge Mongioie

Travel time: 5h 50'
Difference or level: 1.185 m

R151 Refuge Mongioie / Ormea

Travel time: 7h 10'
Difference or level: 800 m

R152 Ormea / Garessio

Travel time: 6h 55'
Difference or level: 772 m

R153 Garessio / Caprauna

Travel time: 5h 25'
Difference or level: 996 m

R154 Caprauna / Colle di Nava

Travel time: 3h 10'
Difference or level: 440 m

D45 Refuge Barbara Lowrie / Pian on the Re

Travel time: 3h 45'
Difference or level: 960 m

D46 Pian on the Re / Refuge du Viso

Travel time: 3h 45'
Difference or level: 960 m

D47 Refuge du Viso / Refuge Savigliano

Travel time: 4h 50'
Difference or level: 725 m

D48 Refuge Savigliano / Church of Bellino

Travel time: 3h 55'
Difference or level: 658 m

D49 Church of Bellino / Hamlet Serre di Elva

Travel time: 4h
Difference or level: 887 m

D50 Hamlet Serre di Elva / Ussolo

Travel time: 4h 35'
Difference or level: 925 m

D51 Ussolo / Chiappera

Travel time: 5h 35'
Difference or level: 885 m

D52 Chiappera / Larche

Travel time: 5h 10'
Difference or level: 1.315 m

Accommodation and rest stops

The itinerary, because of its considerable length, has support points which are very heterogeneous between them, from mountain huts to high altitude facilities in the country. For an overall picture on the receptivity please refer to the Local Tourist Office of Cuneo, where you will be given direct information on the basis of the structural types and the possibility of spending

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