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Great Crossing of the Alps - GTA

The first, classical crossing of the Cuneo valleys

The overall development of the trails of the GTA in the district of Cuneo, from the Tanaro valley to the Po valley, is of almost 500 km, about half of the overall development of the route. The following describes the main path, consisting of twenty stages that run through the high valleys of Tanaro, Ellero and Pesio in the Ligurian Alps, then the valleys of Vermenagna, Gesso, Stura in the Maritime Alps and also the valleys of Grana, Maira,Varaita and Po in the southern Alps Cozie . It also has the path of the High Valleys, divided into six stages that wind through the Stura valley and the valley of Cuneo. In the end, it describes the presence of five additional stages that allow you to make a classic and panoramic tour of the Monviso, and eight others that represent trails for cycle paths connecting the ring between the Stura, Maira, Varaita and Po valleys.

  • Number stages: 29
  • Difficulty: variabile da tappa a tappa
  • Signposting: white-red notches
  • Suitable for families
  • Suitable for bikers
Description of the stages

The Great Crossing of the Alps is a hiking trail in the region of Piedmont that consists of a dense network of paths and stopping places. The GTA was born in the late seventies on the initiative of a group of hikers with the aim of promoting a new way of mountaineering, inspired by the French experience of the Grande Traversee des Alpes: the experience of hiking, that would allow a more in-depth knowledge of the territory crossed, enhancing the areas less traveled by traditional tourism. By the promoting of this committee, the Great Crossing of the Alps association was born, based in Turin and with a referent in Cuneo for its trails. The route extends to all the Piedmont valleys, making it possible to cross the Tanaro Valley up to the Ossola. The realization of the GTA is the result of a coordinated work of municipalities, mountain communities, the Piedmont Region, the provinces of Turin and Cuneo and numerous volunteers. The total distance of the GTA as a route is of about 1,000 km, of which 500 km in the province of Cuneo, can all be reached from south to north or vice versa. On the basic trail, you can engage various circular paths that allow you to deepen your knowledge of a particular area. Each stage of the GTA involves from five to eight hours of driving on easy trails and mule tracks that allow you to switch from valley to valley, by crossing the more accessible steps. The paths are identified by red and white markings and metallic flags with the logo of the GTA. Following the dissolution of the GTA, route remains active and viable: the work of the maintenance of the trail and signage is carried out by various organizations and associations, operating in the mountains.

Designed with a north - south trend, also the Cuneo stretch of the GTA can be dealt with in this way or vice versa, in the first case it will be a journey from the Monviso towards the sea, in the second it will be a lift from the valleys of the Ligurian Alps towards the majestic Re di Pietra. All along the route there are numerous possibilities to stop for accommodation of all different categories, following the dissolution of the Great Crossing of the Alps, which had created a network of affiliated stops at the end of each fraction of the route, and the name decayed official stage points.

Map to the itinerary
Stages of the itinerary
Viozene / Refuge Mongioie / Colla di Carnino / Carnino / Passo delle Saline / Refuge Havis de Giorgio – Mondovi

Travel time: 6h
Difference or level: 1.200 m

Refuge Havis de Giorgio - Mondovì / Porta Sestrera / Refuge Garelli

Travel time: 2h
Difference or level: 500 m

Refuge Garelli / Passo del Duca / Gias dell’Ortica / Colla Piana / Colle di Tenda / Limonetto

Travel time: 8h
Difference or level: 900 m

Limonetto / Passo di Ciotto Mieu / Palanfrè

Travel time: 5h 30’
Difference or level: 1.000 m

Palanfrè / Colle della Garbella / Trinità di Entracque

Travel time: 5h 30’
Difference or level: 800 m

Trinità di Entracque / Tetto Airetta / Caire della Truccia / Tetto Terapin / San Giacomo di Entracque / Rifugio Ellena - Soria

Travel time: 6h 40’
Difference or level: 1.300 m

Refuge Ellena - Soria / Colle delle Fenestrelle / Refuge Genova - Figari

Travel time: 3h
Difference or level: 750 m

Refuge Genova - Figari / Colle del Chiapous / Refuge Morelli - Buzzi / Terme di Valdieri

Travel time: 5h
Difference or level: 570 m

Terme di Valdieri / Pian del Valasco / Refuge Questa

Travel time: 3h
Difference or level: 1.020 m

Refuge Questa / Colletto di Valscura / Refuge Malinvern

Travel time: 2h 45’
Difference or level: 520 m

Refuge Malinvern / Passo d’Orgials / Colle della Lombarda / Cima Moravacciera / Sant’Anna di Vinadio

Travel time: 5h 30’
Difference or level: 880 m

Sant’Anna di Vinadio / Passo di Bravaria / Bagni di Vinadio

Travel time: 3h 40’
Difference or level: 350 m

Bagni di Vinadio / Besmorello / Caserma del Vaccia / Sambuco

Travel time: 6h
Difference or level: 960 m

Sambuco / Colle di Valcavera / Colle Fauniera / Santuario di San Magno

Travel time: 6h 30’
Difference or level: 1.330 m

Santuario di San Magno / Monte Crosetta / Grange Serra / Celle di Macra

Travel time: 5h 15’
Difference or level: 600 m

Celle di Macra / Colletto / Palent

Travel time: 3h
Difference or level: 400 m

Palent / Bassura di Stroppo / Colle Bettone / Elva

Travel time: 5h 30’
Difference or level: 950 m

Elva / Colle della Bicocca / Church of Bellino

Travel time: 4h 15’
Difference or level: 650 m

Church of Bellino / Colletto della Battagliola / Pontechianale

Travel time: 4h 30’
Difference or level: 800 m

Pontechianale / Castello / Grange Gheit / Passo di S. Chiaffredo / Passo Gallarino / Refuge Quintino Sella

Travel time: 5h 30’
Difference or level: 1.200 m

Refuge Quintino Sella / Colle di Viso / Pian del Re / Pian Melzè

Travel time: 2h 30’
Difference or level: 50 m

Pian Melzè / Colle della Gianna / Refuge Barbara - Lowrie

Travel time: 5h 30’
Difference or level: 1.200 m

Bagni di vinadio / Callieri / S. Bernolfo / Passo di Laroussa / Refuge Migliorero

Travel time: 5h
Difference or level: 1.200 m

Refuge Migliorero / Passo di Rostagno / Refuge Zanotti / Passo Sottano di Scolettas / Prati del Vallone

Travel time: 4h 30’
Difference or level: 620 m

Prati del Vallone / Colle di Stau / Vallone di Forneris / Colletto dei Becchi Rossi / Murenz / Pontebernardo

Travel time: 7h
Difference or level: 1.150 m

Pontebernardo / Servagno / Passo di Rocca Brancia / Passo della Gardetta / Prato Ciorliero / Chialvetta

Travel time: 7h
Difference or level: 1.300 m

Chialvetta / Pratorotondo / Colle Ciarbonet / Sorgenti del Maira Saretto / Chiappera

Travel time: 4h 30’
Difference or level: 850 m
Variant of the stage Chialvetta / Pratorotondo / Colle d’enchiausa / Sorgenti del Maira / Saretto / Chiappera
Travel time : 6h 30 '
Difference in level : 1.250 m

Chiappera / Colle di Bellino / Sant’Anna di Bellino / Church of Bellino

Travel time: 7h
Difference or level: 1150 m

Accommodation and rest stops

The itinerary, for its considerable length, has support points, all very heterogeneous between them, which go from the mountain huts to the high altitude facilities of the country itself. For an overall picture on the receptivity, please refer to the Local Tourist Office of Cuneo, who will give you direct on the basis of the types of structure and the possibility of spending.

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