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On the trails in safety

Correct behavior The mountain offers positive feelings to those who know how to approach, with all the attention and respect that it deserves. To prevent a quiet walk or a fun-altitude walk from turning into an occasion of difficulty, it is good to keep in mind a few simple concepts. Since the alpine environment can be sometimes inhospitable, because of its weather conditions at high altitude, that can be extremely variable, it is necessary to properly prepare the excursion one will do, inquiring about the weather forecast, considering everybody's level of training in relation to the difficulty of the course and by acquiring all the necessary material to deal with all possible situations in total safety. Everybody should be able to give up an excursion if their physical and environmental conditions are not favorable. Please note that you need to keep in the mountains, more than elsewhere, a respectful attitude to the natural environment, avoiding damaging or disturbing the animals that you will encounter on the course. Lastly, it is recommended not to leave any kind of rubbish on the course, but always bring everything back to the valley.

What to do in case of an accident?

In case of accident it is mandatory to render assistance to those in need. For assistance with trained staff, one should call the toll-free number 118, answering all the questions that will be asked by the operator. The center is open 24 hours on 24. To draw attention to the accident site, use the internatonal signals :

  • in order to call throw 6 times (once every 10 seconds) in a minute a visual or auditory signal and repeat after a moment's pause;
  • For the response throw 3 times (once every 20 seconds) in a minute a visual or audible signal and repeat after a minute's pause.

Una sola giornata e due eventi da non perdere: a voi la scelta.
Il tradizionale concerto con l’Orchestra B. Bruni in località Pian di Gòria (Elva) e il concerto occitano con i Lou Dalfin a Castelmagno.
Agosto in Valle Gesso e in Val Corsaglia: si parte!
Il calendario dettagliato per delle escursioni guidate per l'estate 2014, la prenotazione è sempre obbligatoria.
23 e 24 agosto 2014
La Scuola di Escursionismo “Monviso” nella ricorrenza del 150° anniversario della prima ascesa femminile al Monviso propone il “Giro del Monviso in rosa”.
Mostra, conversazioni, letture e film sul tema “Lalla Romano e la montagna”
Il rapporto fra Lalla Romano, scrittrice nativa di Dronero, e la montagna è una costante nella sua vita, fin dall'infanzia, come racconta ne "La penombra che abbiamo attraversato".